记我国最早实行中西医结合 并已取得重大成果的李万泉医师

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Today, I have the honor to interview Professor —— Li Wanquan, an expert in integrated Chinese and western medicine / a clinical expert on antiviral diseases, who has made outstanding contributions to his own scientific research in protecting people's health for 30 years. It has opened up a new path for the treatment of difficult diseases, and added new vitality and vitality to the development of traditional Chinese medicine.


Introduction to famous artists


Li Wanquan was born in 1951 in Yunyang County, Chongqing. In 1975, he graduated from the Medical Department of Chongqing Medical University, and was assigned to the former provincial and ministerial level key technical secondary school and Wanquan County Health School of Sichuan Province, serving as the teaching and clinical work of Internal Medicine (including Infectious Diseases) and Nursing science. In 1979, he participated in the establishment of the affiliated hospital of the university and the diagnosis and treatment of the medical ward. In September 1992, he was a senior lecturer in Wanxian Health School, Sichuan Province; in 1995, he was appointed a visiting professor of Taiwan Acupuncture and Moxibustion Society; a speaker at the Second World Congress of Traditional Medicine (San Francisco, USA in May 1995). In 1985, he participated in the compilation of the relevant chapters of "Internal Medicine Practice Guide" and "Internal Medicine Nursing" commissioned by the Ministry of Health and the High Education Commission. The two books were officially published by the national press (People's Health) in 1992 and 1993 respectively. In clinical medical nearly 20 years of work, li realized that western medicine in the treatment of chronic complicated diseases and virus infectious disease curative effect, more impossible to cure, then in 92, into the disease with traditional Chinese medicine and the research parallel clinical treatment of hepatitis b and AIDS hard and huge work, for 29 years.


Main scientific research achievements:


In June 1992, in order to better devote himself to the clinical work of traditional Chinese medicine, he resolutely left the unit and began the arduous clinical work and subject research of the arduous application of traditional Chinese medicine to treat complicated diseases / liver diseases / AIDS. At the end of 1994, on the basis of the theory of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, the Chinese medicine prescription of "hepatitis B" was developed, and passed the authoritative appraisal of the virus room of the Institute of Medical Biotechnology, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. At the end of 2017, the unique "hepatitis B / cirrhosis" series (No.1-5) was basically developed. And through the clinical practice has achieved the expected effect.—— In today's epidemic is still very serious, why are we still focusing on western medicine without applying the ready-made specific drugs and major scientific research achievements that have formed the TCM antiviral?!


1. Thirty years ago, Dr. Li Wanquan has deeply detected in the medical clinical work: all chronic diseases / hepatitis B and liver disease / virus infectious diseases, with western medicine treatment has little effect or even ineffective, so the germination of traditional Chinese medicine to overcome the big problem in today's world that is to conquer AIDS! As early as the end of 1995, the anti-HBV / anti-HIV Chinese medicine developed by it passed the identification of the authorities of the relevant authorities of China and the United States with the formal procedures stipulated by the state and good results. Due to this personal invention / achievement, it has not been applied by the state and this major achievement has been buried among the people (it has been 28 years)! For this major subject to the research, 28 to li in (1) for patients (disease) extremely difficult, (2) difficult to collect a formal let state director and authority under the premise of approved data, I tried to as early as 2001 a 2002 to Thailand 26 AIDS (temple) in bed patients, taking his study of Chinese medicine powder, both in two to three weeks out of bed! This means that as early as 20 years ago, he broke the international> one of the two 100% of AIDS (that is, the occurrence of AIDS does not necessarily death / use traditional Chinese medicine to save!)。Therefore, in the summer of 2004, by the verification and attention of the State Council (but instructed Chongqing to strongly support Comrade Li Wanquan in this important work; Chongqing also made arrangements! But the other party cooperating with him has repeatedly asked for Dr. Li's drug prescription, but this can only be dedicated to the party and the country's great achievements and treasure big wealth, how can you casually pay with them? Therefore, this important work will become more difficult at then!);


1, because of its research of traditional Chinese medicine, so the Chinese academy of Chinese medicine sciences

2、基于近三十年来,李万泉医师天天在临床上反复砖研与实践(我国长期/至今自费行此重大项目的临床研究/攻关恐只有李一人),确非易事(为研制防治艾滋病的特效中医药李至今已自行投资150万元以上)!加之他本身又系西医出生,而悟出<诊断>疾病以后拟用的常规与捷径:即诊断上应利用西医的技术及知识;在应用中医药治疗某一顽疾时,则又须按西医的模板,一定要熟悉每味中药的化学成份/分子结构/作用机理/药效及毒付作用,用药如用兵,加上日积月累,故可使每味中药各司其职,大派用场!一一此即为中西医结合/应为我中国人的一门捷径学科,一经掌握与应用,当可攻无不克也 !

2. Based on the past 30 years, Dr. Li Wanquan has repeatedly conducted brick research and practice in clinic every day (China is the only person in the clinical research / research of this major project), it is not easy (Li has invested in the development of AIDS prevention and treatment of more than 1.5 million yuan)! In addition, he was born with western medicine, and realize the conventional and shortcut after the disease: diagnosis should use the technology and knowledge of western medicine; in the application of traditional Chinese medicine to treat a disease, must according to the template of western medicine, must be familiar with the chemical composition / molecular structure / mechanism / efficacy and poison, such as use, plus accumulate over a long period of time, so can make each Chinese medicine, useful! One is this is the integration of traditional Chinese and western medicine / should be a shortcut to my Chinese discipline, once mastered and applied, when can attack all also!


3, in today's world only

综上所述,我中华医药,足可早日在全球清灭<新冠>大疫情,让世界尽快恢复平静,全人类自会乐意相信并服从我中医药矣!在此基础上中医药将会为<构建人类健康命运共同体>的实现作出巨大的贡献 !!!

To sum up, our Chinese medicine is enough to eliminate the COVID-19 epidemic as soon as possible, and make the world calm as soon as possible. All mankind will be willing to believe and obey our traditional Chinese medicine! On this basis, TCM will make great contribution to the realization of the building of a community with a shared future for mankind!!!


About Dr. Li Wanquan (Baidu and the major official websites in Beijing have been reporting as major news for more than two years).


On August 18,2022


At the end of 1995, and the prevention and treatment of "AIDS" of traditional Chinese medicine (the original treatment series of traditional Chinese medicine) prescription, by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences institute of medical biotechnology virus room and Denver HIV authority laboratory identification, the anti against HIV "treatment 1 drug" shows on HIV has obvious effect (> 74%); 2 drug also by 15 early and medium AIDS patients drug observation, in the short term, the paper earlier in May 1995, invited to the United States speech and receive the award. At the same time, he had academic exchanges with the representatives, experts and scholars. He was recognized by two medical institutions in San Francisco, and invited Dr. Li Wanquan to stay in the United States for development, but he himself declined.


The research direction (pharmacology) and treatment of Chinese medicine "Abbing"

HIV/ARC/AIDS的疗效证论(摘要)见李万泉医师所撰写的国家级论文(即96年李万泉医师就被国家卫生部疾病控制司视为防治艾滋病的临床专家了)——参加第一届全国中西医结合防治艾滋病学术研讨会,并发表的国家级论文,该论文已汇编入我国防治艾滋病的论文集之中/2003年4月。【特注:世界上有关艾滋病的两个百分之百,即感染了艾滋病毒百分之百要得艾滋病;患了艾滋病百分之百要死亡。李万泉医师在2000年—2001年,应用自费研究的、经中美两国相关权威机构鉴定的中医药,在泰国庙宇中共治疗了26名卧床的晚期艾滋病人,均在2-3周内下床活动;另国内广东及云南各1例晚期艾滋病人,均在服药2周内转危为安!——铁的事实证明:李万泉医师早在二十年前就用中医药打破了国际上<患了艾滋病一定要死亡>这一学说!见证人1:国家艾滋病专家委员会黎教授;见证人2:台湾/深圳陈先Tel:13927405990 】另:2003年4月即“非典”爆发时,李万泉医师研究的治疗非典之特效中医药,亦送中国军事医学科学院病毒研究所(因该所权威的杨教授听闻李医师的抗艾滋病毒、抗乙肝病毒的中医药鉴定结果良好,且是由我国当时最权威的药物鉴定专家陈鸿珊教授亲自鉴定之故才接收李医师的药物鉴定的),经杨教授鉴定对非典病毒有良好的抑杀作用,故排列在我国急用于非典之药物的第五位备用。希望卫生主管部门及国家高度重视病原体(新冠病毒)的根除,即充分挖掘与应用中医药来实现这一巨大而宏伟的目标(绝不能花大价钱购买美国生产的抗新冠病毒化学药物!一一其疗效及毒副作用还需一年左右的临床用药实践/时间才能证实的!)。

HI V/ARC / AIDS efficacy theory (abstract) see li written national papers (i. e. 96 li physicians by the department of disease control of the ministry of health as AIDS clinical experts) —— to participate in the first national integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine prevention and treatment of AIDS seminar, and published national papers, the paper has been compiled into the AIDS proceedings / in April 2003.[Special note: In the world, 100 percent of AIDS and 100 percent of AIDS will die. From 2000 to 2001, Doctor Li Wanquan applied traditional Chinese medicine, identified by the relevant authorities of China and the United States, treated 26 late AIDS patients in bed in the temple in Thailand, and all got out of bed within 2-3 weeks; and 1 case of advanced AIDS patients in Guangdong and Yunnan, all turned the corner within 2 weeks!—— The fact that iron proved: Doctor Li Wanquan as early as 20 years ago with traditional Chinese medicine to break the international。


Dr. Li Wanquan advocates Chinese medicine in the field of Chinese medicine, especially the spleen and kidney, and modern medicine also pays great attention to the function and function, the gland is between the two kidneys. Most modern people have formed the state of sub-health due to the dysfunction of immune function. If this goes on, the lesions of heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney are produced. He believes that the school is to grasp the root of the disease! Li Wanquan from easy water school, qing kangxi years Jiangsu famous doctor four Ming lay high drum peak first teacher (work), high, both in theory and clinical practice, can be the typical representative of this school and clinical everybody (i. e., traditional Chinese medicine to the Ming and qing dynasties, both in theory and in practice, have formed the same outline of traditional medicine, and has full practical experience of medicine in China), is also one of the rare treatment of various chronic diseases of clinical doctor. In the past 29 years, what I thought comes from the theory and practice of Gao Gufeng (see Baidu for details), practicing the shortcut of "serving the past for the present, foreign for China and upholding the integration of traditional Chinese and western medicine".


In the spring of 2001, at the invitation of relevant departments of the Ministry of Health, I entered the National AIDS Laboratory at my own expense for short-term clinical observation and data after medication of HIV-infected patients, and achieved good clinical results and experience in advance.


In the autumn of 2008, we continuously improved the prescription and various types of Chinese medicine (TCM pills), and began to treat patients who voluntarily received the drugs free of charge, achieving the expected clinical effect. The traditional Chinese medicine for AIDS prevention and treatment has been carried out to the final stage of national acceptance according to the relevant national regulations and procedures (please contact the AIDS Research Center of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences for details). In recent years, the advantages of TCM in the epidemic have also been verified. The state has successively issued supportive policies, which have played a decisive role in revitalizing the cause and development of TCM, and encouraged practitioners to regain faith and shock people.


In the nearly 30 years since he left his unit, Dr. Li Wanquan has been strengthening the development and research of traditional Chinese medicine at his own expense. Based on their own advantages, absorb advanced concepts and visit TCM masters all over the country, with the advantages of being invited to participate in medical conferences all over the country, and discuss the development prospect and future of TCM. In the face of the global epidemic / COVID-19, in the "for the modern, foreign" "inheritance not mud, innovation", namely inheritance, is, innovation, on the basis of new crown lee doctors since 2020, since the outbreak of hepatitis b and HIV in Chinese medicine on the basis of rich clinical experience, now according to the TCM "disease stagnation" and "foster" upright "and" cure not disease " principle and basic principle, on the premise of increasing their resistance to eliminate will be coronavirus! So far, the prevention and treatment of novel coronavirus and its pneumonia have been studied and perfected, so as to completely eliminate the epidemic of novel coronavirus in the whole world, and then benefit the whole country and the people of the world.


Summary of typical cases of tumor / cancer patients


Dr. Li Wanquan's typical case (or informed / confirmed person) of the treatment of cancer / cancer with traditional Chinese medicine in several major cities in China for 20 years: ● Beijing: insider, Mr.Dong, ● Shanghai: Mr.Wang of a certain research institute, ● Shenzhen / Taiwan: Mr.Chen; ● Chongqing: 1. Luo XX (famous on Chongqing Wuxi Internet): suffering from leukemia (M2), After taking traditional Chinese medicine for more than one year and eight months, In the summer cure five years ago, 2. Luo XX, Wuxi County: suffering from a rare malignant pleural mesothelioma, Cto work within a year, Mobile phone: 3. There are more than> 20 cured patients in Yunkaiwan and other places, Minor; ● Chengdu: Ms.Tian, (Note: Please consult the above people, This is the specific effect of cancer and cancer in the city)...... Note: (1) the above leukemia is free of charge, No recurrence has been seen for more than five years; (2) Luo XX in Wuxi County is suffering from a rare pleural cancer, First, in a major hospital in Chongqing, After chemotherapy is the disease is heavy! After come to my place to seek treatment, just a year by traditional Chinese medicine cure! So far more than three years did not relapse! His medical records were collected and archived by the Beijing Institute of Oncology as a rare case in Chongqing in the summer and autumn of 2016!!!




As a "big test 19", the COVID-19 epidemic has seriously threatened the lives and health of the people. In 2021, the post-epidemic era, "how to enhance immunity, get rid of disease and prevent disease" has gradually become the theme of people's discussion. Since the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party, Professor Li Wanquan announced his main intelligent scientific research achievements.


According to the Chinese academy of traditional Chinese medicine early western professor (former 85 AIDS project director) as early as 30 years ago: in view of the formal scientific use of traditional Chinese medicine has nearly 1800 years of history and experience, and Chinese medicine is plant drugs, so it should be by clinical —— laboratory —— clinical; and western medicine chemicals, and applied to clinical before any experience, so must experience the process of laboratory —— clinical —— laboratory (China Chinese medicine should not copy the western medicine clinical way to cure mode!); Li Wanquan physicians for 29 years (every day in clinical practice) application of Chinese medicine prevention and kill all kinds of viral diseases (mainly for the world western medicine still cannot cure hepatitis b virus and HIV virus mainly) valuable clinical experience: especially follow the basic principles of Chinese medicine, carefully used for hundreds of years of two ancient Chinese medicine prescription, has perfected the study of "different disease treatment" and "supporting" principle and basic principles, on the premise of increasing their resistance to eliminate will be coronavirus! The treatment of both the symptoms and root causes, that is, the cause of western medicine (anti-novel coronavirus) (that is, China has used traditional Chinese medicine to treat COVID-19 with good results, but almost no inhibitory effect on novel coronavirus! Now the large number of asymptomatic infected people appear, which also proves this important judgment of Dr. Li's!—— The scientific objective facts of the sixteen months of clinical practice), and made into traditional Chinese medicine system (such as according to the individual dialectical theory of traditional Chinese medicine, everyone can take decoction, in China and the world); in order to facilitate the national and even global majority of Chinese and western medicine workers guidance and medical patients to take:




1, is for the real patients (hot / red tongue moss white yellow), this type of domestic (including southeast Asian countries) patients accounted for about 75% number / proportion; foreign countries (mainly refers to the Western and European countries) patients about 90% of the number / proportion of clinical characteristics, so the choice of completely symptomatic ancient prescription namely "add free soup" as the foundation, strengthen the effective antiviral (yellow and rhubarb honeysuckle dandelion) and symptomatic (Platycodon grandiflorum and mulberry) of common and strong effect of the traditional Chinese medicine, domestic and international general;


2, it is for patients with deficiency syndrome (body deficiency / poor qi and blood! Now the tongue is light red, the tongue body is fat, basically no moss or a little white moss), this type of patients in China about about 25% of the total, about 15% of the patients abroad!! Specifically choose the appropriate ancient famous prescription, now according to the traditional Chinese medicine principle of "different disease treatment" and "strengthen the healthy and dispel evil", in the premise of increasing their own resistance to eliminate novel coronavirus! Strengthen the effective antiviral (see above) and symptomatic (see above) / a total of 19 medicines, that is, on the one hand, can basically rule and even cure the global majority of patients; on the other hand, Chinese and global western doctors can also quickly grasp the indications and use of these two medicines!! Moreover, these two traditional Chinese medicine drugs, low cost, and convenient to be taken (symptomatic), and can be completely controlled and eliminated from the major disaster in the short term (now estimated in 6-8 weeks)!(In addition, judging from the proportion of the above diseases, whether domestic or international / especially international patients are applicable to traditional Chinese medicine (that is, basically like the application of western medicine, no need to do anything, but also adapt to the wide use of countries around the world! I also custom said to take this medicine like flushed coffee oral ear!!)。


Expected efficacy: generally eliminate common symptoms of the respiratory system within 2-3 weeks;> 90% of patients within 25-35 days; if the novel coronavirus is available, the virus in the patient can be detected after 45-60 days; especially if the drug until the patient should achieve the long-term effect of rare sequelae, that is, to achieve the big goal of complete elimination in the country and even the world!!!. How to use it: follow the instructions, and take 8-9 grams of powder every morning.


This article is worth reading, because the author is an expert of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, two have 29 years of antiviral clinical experience and results! Third, the traditional Chinese medicine effect of both China and the US has been good, and the fourth, and the traditional Chinese medicine to eliminate the pathogen, the novel coronavirus, (see the academic paper of Dr. Li Wanquan published on the Internet since May 2020). The arduous practice in the past two years has been highlighted. Only with the joint efforts of Chinese and medical practitioners can the novel coronavirus be completely eradicated and the world be peace as soon as possible!!!